Walleye Craft Fish

Fish Craft

If you don't have fish to mount or replicas to order, Silver Doctor Taxidermy Studio still has something of interest for you. We offer a line of wooden Fish Craft that make an attractive, useful addition to your home or cottage. They can be used to hang fishing rods, keys, hats, etc. They were developed from outlines of actual fish and have a glass eye. Details of the head and fins are re-created through wood burning.

Species currently available include Brook Trout, Small Mouth Bass, Walleye (see above), PikeandSunfish. Each fish is available in either a natural wood finish showing the white pine grain, or fully painted in transparent colours allowing some of the grain to show through. They are finished at the customer's request with either a gloss coating for indoor display or an ultraviolet-inhibiting finish for outdoor display. Prices vary according to species and type of finish, and range from $35.00 to $85.00 Canadian (plus shipping and handling).

To order, call 705-663-1313, email spider@vianet.on.ca, or write Silver Doctor Taxidermy Studio at R.R.#1, Redbridge, Ontario, Canada POH 2AO.

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