Photo of Trout

Price List (Canadian Funds)

(effective 1 January 2018)

Basic Skin Mount (one show side, action pose, open mouth, closed gills, with hanger)
All species $22.00 per inch
Minimum charge    Bass:    $500.00
  Trout:   $625.00
Available Extras
Driftwood backing, installed from $120.00
Panel or slab, installed from $120.00
Engraved plate, installed from $30.00
Eye on back (non-show) side $35.00
Open gills  $110.00 per side
"S"-curved body $90.00
Pedestal mount (both sides show)  double basic price
Habitat (base, sand, rocks, vegetation, etc.)  individually priced
Glass display case individually priced
Repairs (e.g., broken/split fins, scale loss, ripped skin, etc.)
Minor damage no charge
Moderate to major damage individually priced
Gutted fish $2.50 per inch
Repairs To Previously-mounted Fish from $50.00
Restoration of Old Mounts individually priced
Reproductions or Replicas $25.00 per inch
Shipping: priced according to weight, destination, and insurance


50% deposit required on all work.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

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