Restoration of a Splake Trout

A customer brought this fish (splake trout) to the Silver Doctor Taxidermy Studio on the day he got it back from another taxidermist. He was dissatisfied with the colouring and the shape of the head. Photo of Trout
Photo of Headless Trout The Silver Doctor examined the fish and found the head to be distorted and beginning to ooze oil due to the use of incomplete skinning and degreasing procedures. He suggested discarding the natural head, replacing it with a reproduction head and re-painting the fish.
The Silver Doctor stripped the fish of the paint and finish layers, replaced the head, and did some additional modeling repair work to create a more pleasing shape.
Photo of Trout with a New Head
Photo of Finished Mounted Trout
The fish was repainted with more realistic colours using an air brush and installed on a slab panel. The customer was very satisfied.

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