Photo of a Mounted Walleye 

Restoration of a Walleye

Photo of a Walleye

1) A customer was dissatisfied with the colouring and workmanship of this walleye mount done by another taxidermist. The Silver Doctor suggested improving it by changing glass eye, building shrunken tissue, re-building missing tail section, re-positioning pelvic fins and installing on driftwood.


2) Fish has been stripped of layers of paint and finish.

Photo of a Walleye


Photo of a Walleye

3) Eye has been replaced, pelvic fins re-positioned, areas of shrinkage or roughness built up.


4) Fish is repainted, installed on driftwood and a reproduction / replica of a minnow is added to create a more interesting mount. The customer was not expecting the minnow addition and was very pleased with the restored mount.

Photo of the Finished Walleye

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