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Walleye photo Silver Doctor Taxidermy Studio caters to sportspersons and those who appreciate wildlife art. Trophy fish are saved as fish skin mounts, or replicas/reproductions are made for those who practice "catch and release". Old mounts, or unsatisfactory work from other sources, are restored. Workmanship is guaranteed. Specimens to be mounted can be shipped to Silver Doctor Taxidermy by courier service(e.g. UPS) if frozen, carefully packaged, and there is no lay-over. Phone for details. Finished work can be shipped anywhere after crating. Customs documentation is completed and insurance coverage provided. Fish mounts have been shipped across North America and to Europe without any damage. 
We believe you should look carefully at the work of any taxidermist you are considering. Price is important, but "the bitterness of poor quality will be remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten". Samples of the Silver Doctor's work can be viewed at Trout Lake Bait & Canoe, Lefebvre's Outdoor Sports, Wal-mart, in North Bay and the Temagami Information Centre in Temagami. Fish Head


For more information contact:

Ken Peters
Silver Doctor Taxidermy Studio
9536 Hwy 63, Redbridge, Ontario POH 2AO
Phone: (705) 663-1313
  toll-free: (877) 663-1313
Fax: (705) 663-1529

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